iTunes 10 Announced: New Logo and Ping Social Discovery

Apple has just announced iTunes 10, the newest installment of the company’s popular music application. The update includes various aesthetic updates, a new logo, and a new social music discovery service called Ping.

iTunes 10 is more “elegant and simple” than previous versions. Apple has redone the logo, which has been nearly the same for almost a decade. One updated feature can be found in the Album column. If you have more than five songs from the same album, the album’s cover art appears in the album column, without taking up any extra space.

The most notable feature of iTunes 10 is the inclusion of a new social network for music discovery known as Ping. Ping allows users to follow friends and artists, recommending and getting recommendations for music. It is available for free on your Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

iTunes 10 is available as a free download at, today.