LIBOX lets you take your music, movies and pictures with you

Keeping all of your media with you at all times is a challenge. No matter how hard you prepare it seems as if the one set of images you want to share, the one video you want to see or the favorite song that’s stuck in your head is trapped on a different device. While there are solutions to share single types of media we just found the do-it all LIBOX that keeps all types of media in sync.

LIBOX is a free, and easy to set up, service that keeps your media in sync amongst many devices including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and android devices — so long as you have an internet connection. There is already an iOS4 iPhone app out and you can access LIBOX from the built in browser on the iPad and on Android devices; both of which will soon see specific apps as well.

LIBOX installs on your Mac or PC and monitors your media folders so that anytime you are connected to the internet on your mobile device you can have access to your media, with no usage limitations. The service works with HD images, HD video and music without cutting the quality. Depending on your storage space and use LIBOX will either stream from your computer or download to the device.

In addition to viewing your media with LIBOX, you can also use it to upload pictures and video taken with the camera on your iPhone without down-sampling and losing quality. For iOS4 users the app is multitasking capable so you can use it to listen to music while surfing the web in Safari.

LIBOX is currently in beta but in our limited testing is already a simple and impressive way to always have the media you need nearby.

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