Apple iPhone 5 Will Have Fix for Antenna Issues [Rumor]

The new iPhone, that everyone assumes will launch this year possibly on Verizon this month or in June as usual, will fix the antenna problems that caused a PR problem for Apple and a reception problem for iPhone owners. As nearly everyone knows the iPhone 4 has an issue that causes it to lose signal strength when held without a case tightly in the palm of one’s hand. The new design reported by SmartPhone Medic is supposed to solve this issue.


According to the report, the antenna will no longer be along the edge of the phone. Other differences on the iPhone design are with the volume buttons and mute switch are moved slightly. These images still show a sim card slot meaning it could be an AT&T version or one that can work on both Verizon and AT&T simultaneously.

There was a video posted at our sister site, but it was apparently removed from YouTube by Apple’s request. Below is one still live at SmartPhone Medic, for now.

This is highly speculative and of course it could just be trumped up by a site wanting to drive traffic to get some business.

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