HP PalmPad may be the webOS Tablet,

According to a recent trademark application filed by HP, the company’s newest tablet may be called the PalmPad. Will this take the place of the HP Slate, or is it a new product entirely.

HP recently purchased Palm, gaining access to the company’s webOS platform found on the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi. Since then, HP has mentioned many times that the company plans on integrating the webOS platform into new HP tablets, smartphones, and netbooks. Lately, there has been a lot of coverage over the HP Slate. With the Android and Windows 7 versions abandoned, there may be room for this new webOS tablet. This, plus the recent trademark application, may be proof that the company is moving forward with those plans.

Though reports of a webOS-based slate have been all but confirmed, what does this trademark application mean for the future of the unreleased Slate brand. The only tangible information at this moment is the trademark application for the name “PalmPad”. Aside from that, it is purely speculation as to whether the HP Slate will be renamed the PalmPad, or if these are two separate devices.  We expect there to be more information on the PalmPad in the coming weeks that may bring greater insight on the matter.

Via Electronista

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