Toshiba AC100 SmartBook Unboxed at NetbookNews

The time has finally come, the first worldwide smartbook release is upon us and NetbookNews is on the front line with the an unboxing of the Toshiba AC100 smartook. In addition to unboxing the new smartbook and giving you plenty to look at they have also shared their first impressions of the Android powered smartbook.

The Toshiba AC100 is powered by a 1GHz ARM-powered NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor which according to Netbook News combines with the thin and light body to form a smartbook with “great hardware”; even if it only has one USB port. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the battery is rated for 7-hours.

Unfortunately from the first impressions it looks like the Android (2.1) software still has some catching up to do in order to be really useful in a non-touch form factor. The biggest issue appears to be that the web browser can’t handle flash and wouldn’t let the author use WordPress. Even if you don’t rely on those tools, a smartbook that can’t deliver a rich and full Internet experience will be a tough sell as smartphones become more evolved and more touch enabled devices like the Dell Streak and tablets enter the picture.

This is similar to the first review of the Toshiba AC100 we covered in early August. The Toshiba AC100 is already on sale in the UK, but no word on a U.S. release or pricing.

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