Oh, Lovely Tam, Why Can’t You Make Me Look As Fair As I Am? Or Least Make Me Visible?

I’ve been using the HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition for the past month and generally have had a great experience. There have been some instances where I’ve needed to use the webcam and found it to be less than satisfactory.

The webcam doesn’t work well unless you are in a very brightly lit setting – and even then, it is grainy looking. In my living room or at a cafe, I found the screen looks like a big black or grey box with a twinkling of light or dark shadows at best. I tried it in my very brightly lit bathroom and I could see my face on the screen, but it was grainy and made me look darker than I am.

This netbook is supposed to appeal to image-conscious women, so the webcam on this little machine should work better. In addition, the point of having this netbook is to be mobile and you can never count on decent lighting in cafes, conference rooms or hotel rooms.

Given the $699 price point I think HP should upgrade the webcam on the Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition. It really matters to us ladies who always like to look our best.