HP WiFi Mobile Mouse Connects to Your Notebook with WiFi

HP announced the new HP WiFi Mobile Mouse today, a new portable mouse that connects to your notebook over the built in WiFi receiver in your notebook or netbook. This new mouse doesn’t need a special dongle or a notebook with Bluetooth, but uses the standard WiFi technology that comes standard on notebooks. The HP Mobile mouse will be available in June for $49.95.

HP wifi mouse

The HP Mobile mouse connects directly to your notebook, not through a WiFi access point which means you can use it anywhere, without the need to be connected to a hotSpot. When you are connected to a hotspot, you can continue to use your notebook to surf the Internet like normal. This allows you to travel without a USB dongle and is an added bonus for users that have a limited number of USB ports on their netbooks.

HP WiFi Mouse Demo Video:

HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse Features:

  • Up to nine months of battery life – more than twice the battery life of comparable Bluetooth mice from Logitech and Microsoft.
  • Five customizable buttons that allow users to create shortcuts for common actions such as cut, paste, undo and redo.
  • A smooth, four-way tilt scroll wheel to improve control while scrolling up and down or side to side

In addition to the WiFi Mouse, HP introduced Link-5 a new wireless technology which uses 2.4GHz wireless technology to allow up to 5 HP devices to connect to the same receiver.

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