iPad App of the Week: Photo Transfer App


This week’s iPad App of the Week is called Photo Transfer App. It is a simple utility for moving video and pictures both onto and off of the Apple iPad or other iOS devices.

It also has an iPhone version which means you can use it to move pictures or video taken on your iPhone to the iPad. In fact it is really designed to be used in tandem. But if all you have is one or the other device, it will still work because it interfaces with your PC as well via any web browser.

With Photo Transfer you can move up to 50 pictures at a time to or from that device. You can move one photo at a time or the whole bunch in a zip file. It works via your local Wi-Fi, so you don’t have to be tethered to your computer. You can see the images on your computer in any browser or OS. And an exciting thing, you can use it to move full HD video from the iPhone 4 to other devices as well. It does take a lot longer than just ordinary photos. But at least it works.

Before you go too far, it would be a good idea to read the simple help screens (see below). They are easy to follow and explain everything.


Here is how it works. If you have some images on your iPad that you want on your PC, then start the iPad’s Photos app.

  1. Select the Share button in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose your pictures and then tap the Copy button in the upper left corner.
  3. Close Photos and then open the Photo Transfer App and tap on the PC icon in the bottom toolbar. You will see one of the two screens below. The one on the left is for moving photos to the iPad from your computer. The one on the right goes the opposite way, from iPad to PC.


All you have to do is follow the instructions. It works quickly and simply. If you are going from the iPad to the computer choose PC in the lower toolbar and then Send in the upper toolbar. It gives you an address to type into your computer’s browser address bar. Once you do that you will see the image below.


You can either click each individual link to show the picture or click on the “Download all photos as zip file” link and it saves all of the pictures at once. You then unzip them on your computer.

Be sure to select the images in your Photos app first before even opening the Photo Transfer App. Notice in my screen shots that I had not selected any photos yet in the camera roll. So it says No pictures have been selected”.


If you want to transfer images from the PC to the iPad the open the Photo Transfer app and choose PC in the lower toolbar and then Receive in the upper toolbar. It again gives you an address to type in and you will then upload via that page in your computer’s browser. Notice the buttons on the bottom of the page (see below) which give you the option to upload either photos or videos.

The video below has a full demonstration of the Photo Transfer App on both the iPad and the iPhone.

This app works great for getting images taken on your iPhone to the iPad or to your computer. I use it mostly to transfer screen shots off my iPad to my computer for app reviews. But you could put images on your iPad for a presentation or to save as a background. And as I said in the video, if you find images with last week’s iPad App of the Week: Image Pro, you may want to save them on your PC.

It is available in the iTunes App Store for only $2.99 and is a universal app the installs on both the iPad and iPhone or iPod Touch. It is also iOS4 compatible.

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