Hey Steve, Would You Sign My Macbook? No, The Other Steve

It’s one thing to ask Steve Jobs to sign your Macbook, it’s another thing to ask Steve “I’m a PC” Ballmer, current CEO of Microsoft to take a sharpie to your Macbook.

steveballmermacbooksignatureSteve Ballmer Signs a Macbook

But; that’s what happened at a recent event at Trevecca Nazarene University in Tennessee. Mr. Ballmer, after being assured that it was running Windows signed his name right across the glowing Apple logo and added, “Need a new one?” to his autograph.

Props to Steve Ballmer for having a sense of humor and signing a Mac, something tells me if you approached Steve Jobs with a Zune on January 27th you’d find yourself escorted from the building faster than you can say “ZOMG the Mac Tablet is real!”

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