Friday Funnies- Vintage Tech Ads

Ok, we usually dont see very many funny technical ads, except during the Super Bowl.  Those are the ones we want to remember.  Then again, sometimes, we wish we...

iPad Beatitudes

So Warner Crocker threw down the gauntlet with his creative and hilarious rendition of Twas the Night Before iPad at Gottabemobile. I just had to try my hand fo...
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Funny OLPC Comic…

OLPC ComicBridging the digital divide is a noble cause, but it can have some unintended consequences. Do we really want to turn developing nations' kids into laptop zombies? This cartoon shows what might happen if the OLPC foundation succeeds.
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Abusive Notebook User

Moron Sometimes the customer is wrong, really wrong. Some idiot can’t figure out how to turn off his mommy’s notebook and takes his aggressions out on a VERY patient Dell rep.
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Next Gen Lithium Notebook Batteries

Panasonic's Michael Buchner walks us through the next two generations of Lithium Ion notebook batteries. The company will increase battery life by 40% without i...
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A Tablet PC Wedding

TabletPC WeddingTech blogger Chris Pirillo got married recently and was able to convince his bride to read their vows off a pair Tablet PCs. He picked up a pair of TabletKiosks v7110 UMPCs for the ceremony.
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Denise Richards Goes Wild on Laptops

Apparently Wild Things star Denise Richards got wild with some laptops. While filming Blonde and Blonder with costar Pamela Anderson in Vancouver, Richards got...
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Some Vintage Computer Ads

I went to a pre-launch event recently to hear about the latest and greatest notebook computers a major PC manufacturer is launching in the near future and I tho...