Friday Funnies- Vintage Tech Ads

Ok, we usually dont see very many funny technical ads, except during the Super Bowl.  Those are the ones we want to remember.  Then again, sometimes, we wish we could forget.  Madison Avenue tends to forget that even if the ad is aimed at a technical person, not all techs are “geeks”.  We like normal stuff too.

Well, the folks over at IT World were pondering the funny technical ads of days gone by and put together a collection of 15 vintage tech ads.  I remember all of these when they came out, and they did make me laugh out loud (yes, I spelled it out).  And, they made me remember the product.  I mean, who can forget Apple’s 1984 ad?  Ok, so it wasnt funny, but it was memorable.

So, here are some funny looks at tech ads of the past.  These are just my favorites, the entire list is over at IT World. But after all of this, I feel OLD:

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