Running your country on an iPad

The iPad can do amazing things.  Its not just a multimedia device, its becoming a new way to do things. Kevin showed us that an iPad can help in the medical field, but did you know it could help run a government remotely?

Jens Stoltenberg, the prime minister of Norway, was stranded in New York  due to inclement weather conditions over Europe.  Its a volcanic cloud that is sweeping over Europe. So, what did he do?  He turned on his brand new iPad and used it to monitor all the activities going on a home and stay in contact with everyone involved.

The PM of Norway with his iPad- courtesy of CNN

From the article over at CNN:

“There are good means of communication, I have close contacts with my office all the times, and there are a lot of activities in Norway where we try to reduce the consequences of the volcano in Norway,” Stoltenberg told CNN.

“It’s very normal for a PM to travel abroad so this is not different from the other travels, it’s just lasts some days more than expected. We have the internet, the mobile phone.

“I also use an iPad, which is excellent.”

How is that for breaking new ground?  Running a country crisis through an iPad. What is next for this new device?  Maybe the stock exchange?

Note:  The PM did manage to get back home via an alternate route through Spain.

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