iPad Proves Hard to Find in the Heartland – Where are Most iPads Sold?

When the iPad was first announced in January I agreed with many other contributors at Notebooks.com and GottaBeMobile, that it would be the ultimate wait and see device. Well, I waited and I saw, and now I want one. Unlike many iPad critics, I want access to a consumption device that can provide me with easy access to games and media; but that’s for another post. If you’re looking for an iPad check out our tip for finding an iPad this weekend.

Today I set out in search for an iPad in Ohio. Why drive all over the state when I can order online you ask? Well, because I am impatient and it was a great excuse to take a road trip.

I expected that by visiting the closest Apple store (Easton Location, Columbus, OH) on a Tuesday afternoon I would be able to easily pick up one of the much coveted iPads, even if it meant springing for a 32GB; but none were to be found.

I even used the iPad demo to pull up the Milo.com tool for finding an iPad at BestBuy and called 6 nearby stores who all told me the same thing they had been saying all day long, “We don’t have any iPads in stock.”

I was surprised about this until a friend on Twitter reminded me that Ohio was one of the highest iPad adoption percentages in the U.S. as excerpted from the wonderful Unboxing the iPad Data infographic put together by John Kumahara. As Gizmodo points out, you may have better luck finding an iPad if you live in the middle of nowhere.

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