Belkin Grip 360 Review: Handheld iPad Case With Swivel Stand is a Winner

The Belkin Grip 360 + Stand for iPad is versatile and comes with an very affordable price tag. With the Belkin Grip 360 + Stand, you can choose from three different twist-on backs that make it easier to use the iPad in a range of locations and settings.

The Belkin Grip 360 + Stand has an MSRP of $49.99, which is actually quite low considering it offers three solutions for less than than many cases that only offer one. The [amazon_link id=”B0049H8W28″ target=”_blank” ]Belkin Grip 360[/amazon_link] can be found at for just $45.

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How Can You Use the Belkin Grip 360 + Stand?

iPad Hand Strap Case: The most compelling option is the ability to use the handstrap to keep your iPad at hand while presenting or demonstrating with an iPad. The handstrap snaps on and allows for 360-degree rotation that allows you to use the iPad in portrait or landscape mode while you hold it. This is great for teaching with the iPad, presenting on stage or working a show floor. The handstrap is adjustable so that it will fit pretty much any sized hand securely, which means you don’t feel like the handstrap will slip off during use.

iPad Stand Case: If you want to use your iPad on a flat surface, the Belkin Grip 360 hand strap can be replaced by a stand which has a J shaped tail and can be configured in several positions. This extension can also be used as a grip when carrying the iPad or to hand the iPad on the back of a chair or a desk drawer if it’s in a good location.

The case allows you to prop the Belkin Grip 360 up into a landscape mode that’s perfect for movies or reading. It can also swivel around for a more angled landscape mode that caters to typing.

If you want to use the iPad in portrait mode, the stand twist on case accessory allows you to use the iPad in a variety of angles from almost straight to a quite reclined angle. With a quick adjustment this the Belkin Grip 360 + Stand allows you to place your iPad in about any angle you desire.

iPad Flat Back Case: The final twist on the accessory is a flat back that allows you to stow the iPad without the added bulk of the handstrap or the stand. With this option you have a case that looks like most other cases and can slip in a bag easily for travel.

Why the Belkin Grip 360 + Stand is Great:

The magic of the Belkin Grip 360 is that it is a versatile iPad case that fills the needs of three separate cases. The ability to switch between these case uses without actually removing the case is a huge positive. To switch between the backs, you just need to apply a little pressure and twist the back and you can swap between a stand, a handstrap or a flat back. Despite the ability to swap, the connection feels very solid and we haven’t had any issues with the iPad coming loose. Then the handstrap or the stand backs are connected, you can swivel the iPad 360 degrees, giving you the angle you need to work or play.

Belkin hasn’t announced an iPad 2 version of the Belkin Grip 360 + Stand, but we anticipate that this great case will be available for the iPad 2 down the road. With all of the various angles and attachments, this would be great for FaceTime conversations.

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Belkin Grip 360 + Stand Review Conclusion – Editor’s Choice iPad Case:

The Belkin Grip 360 + Stand is one of the best iPad cases we have used. For the price of one case, you get a case that handles the duties of three to four cases allowing you to hold the iPad while you work or keep it in a portrait or landscape mode at a variety of angles. We sincerely hope that the iPad 2 will fit in this case, or that Belkin creates a Grip 360 + Stand for the new thinner iPad 2.

The only issue we had during our use was that the stand will at times feel stuck after you set an angle and use it for a period of time. To free it, just wiggle the stand a bit and it will loosen up.

Because of the versatility, ease of use and overall performance for price, we are awarding the Belkin Grip 360 + Stand an Editor’s Choice Award. This one of the best cases available for the iPad, especially if you teach, present or otherwise need to keep your iPad on your hand for extended periods of work or play.


  • Handstrap, Stand and Flat Back all in One
  • Secure feel
  • Doesn’t add considerable bulk or weight
  • Affordable for an iPad case


  • The stand can catch sometimes

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