Holiday Gift Guide 2010: iPad Cases

The perfect gift for your iPad fan or for someone who's also getting an iPad this holiday season could be a case. This is a very personal kind of thing as m...

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

With Father's Day coming up on June 20th, which is this Sunday, some of you may be frantically trying to find something to buy your father this year. Panic no m...
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Mini Review: Belkin Messenger Bag

The fine folks from were kind enough to send over this case for review. Meet the Belkin messenger bag for laptops up to 12.1”. This small a...

Belkin Introduces CushDesk

belkin_cushdeskBelkin introduced the CushDesk, a cushion that's designed to make it more comfortable to use a notebook on your couch or in bed. Using a notebook directly on your lap can be uncomfortable and can lead to several health issues. The CushDesk raises the notebook up a couple of inches so you don't have to slouch to view the screen. It also keeps heat away from your legs.
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Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router with Display

N1 Vision BelkinBelkin announced the N1 Vision wireless router that features a display that shows network activity. The interactive display makes it easy to visualize a network's broadband speed, computer bandwidth usage, and the status of connected network devices.
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Belkin Network USB Hub

Belkin Network USB HubIf you've got lots of notebooks and sick of fumbling around with USB plugs you should take a look at the Belkin Network USB Hub. It works with your existing wireless router to give you wireless access to printers, media readers, and external hard drives from all of your computers.The Belkin USB Hub has five ports and simulates a direct USB connection that makes your computer think that the devices on the network are directly attached to the computer.