FarmVille for iPhone

Facebook application giant Zynga has finally released a FarmVille App for the iPhone. Now the harvesting of virtual crops and visiting of virtual farms can be done on Apple’s mobile platform. Until now, Farmville required flash. The new version can be played on any iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, though its optimized for the smaller devices.

Here is the video of FarmVille for iPhone being introduced at WWDC.

This version of FarmVille aims to make it an even more interactive experience than found on Facebook. With push notifications, you can always keep a watchful eye over your crops. Other features include:

  • Syncing with Farmville on Facebook
  • Access to the Farmville Marketplace for seamless in-app purchases
  • An exclusive Snow Leopard as a Farmville pet

Release date and pricing are still unknown, but expect this app to be on App Store’s the Top 25 list very soon.

Photo by Engadget

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