First iPhone 4 Music Video

The new iPhone 4 can shoot 720p video with its new camera. After short films shot with the iPhone 4 began showing up on YouTube, it was only a matter of time before someone created a HD music video using just an iPhone 4. Take a break from your hectic day and enjoy the melodic tunes of flakjakt’s “Cascades”, shot exclusively using the iPhone 4.

Though a great deal of external editing has been done, the video quality is very crisp when watched in 720P, which demonstrates the iPhone 4 camera’s quality. Theoretically, this video could have been done entirely on the iPhone 4 using iMovie for iPhone. With this app, you can edit video and add music and transitions. However, many of the visual effects seen in this music video probably could not be achieved using only iMovie for iPhone.

“Cascades” was written in two days, shot in 1.3 days, and edited in two days, with the help of Marty Martin, who was the Director, DP, editor, and Visual Effects¬†Artist.

Via CrunchGear