WWDC: What Was Not Announced

There were a lot of rumors leading up to the WWDC keynote by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Everytime there is an Apple event the prognosticators go into overdrive with wild and not-so-wild rumors surrounding what we will learn about the company’s new offerings. We brought you a round-up of these rumors previously. So what did the pundits get wrong?

Image from GDGT

  1. iPhone is coming to ______ provider (fill in the blank with the provider of your choice). WRONG! There were some jabs at AT&T by the audience and even insinuated jabs by Jobs, but no Verizon or Sprint iPhone. We are still stuck with AT&T.
  2. MobileME will be free. Unfortunately, this may have been more of a hopeful guess than a substantive rumor. It still costs $99 per year.
  3. Apple TV upgrade! Nope! Nothing was said about the Apple TV. There is no upgrade and it won’t be running the new iOS4 (the new name for iPhone OS) or being reduced to only $99 to compete with Google TV.
  4. Steve Ballmer will be on stage to announce Bing on the iPhone. Mostly wrong! MS confirmed the day the rumor came out that he would not be at WWDC. But Bing will be an optional search engine in iOS4.
  5. iTunes.com will use recent Apple acquisition Lala.com to start an Internet based music store. Nothing was said about this either. In fact nothing was really said about iTunes at all.
  6. MacBook Pro Desktops refreshed. We heard nothing about desktops. It seems Apple is giving less and less attention to their computers, both desktop and notebooks. When they refreshed the MacBook and MacBook Pro models they just showed up with little word from Apple.
  7. MacBook Air will get a refresh too. That didn’t happen either.

By my count all of these were false. There were some rumors that were true, but most of those were based on pictures and videos of the leaked iPhone that Gizmodo and the folks in East Asia released. For some news on what did get announced today, see thisĀ Notebooks.com article about the iPhone 4. You can see an archive of our WWDC coverage here.

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