Uninstall Windows Programs with Revo Uninstaller

Window comes with a default ‘Add or Remove Programs’ utility for uninstalling programs, but most of the time it doesn’t remove registry entries. These un-removed registry entries can cause Windows to slow down over time. Although you can manually delete a registry entry using ‘regedit’, deleting a registry entry manually is not good option for average users because deleting the wrong one could cause Windows to behave strangely. With Revo Uninstaller, not only can you remove programs and their registry entries but you’ll also be able to easily remove multiple programs.


Revo Uninstaller is very light weight and comes with following features:

  1. Uninstaller
  2. Force uninstall
  3. Hunter Mode
  4. Junk File cleaner
  5. Windows tool (System restore, network diagnosis, services, disk defragmenter, security center, system properties etc)

How to remove / uninstall any application with Revo uninstaller:

Step 1: After installation of Revo uninstaller, start the application.


Step 2: Select the application which you want to uninstall from your computer. Click on uninstall button.


Step 3: A window will pop asking your confirmation to uninstall program.  Click on ‘YES’ button.


Step 4: A new screen will pop up to select uninstall mode. Here you can select any of 4 options (shown below). After selecting the mode click on Next button.


Step 5: Revo Uninstaller will start the initial analysis for un-install as below screen.


Step 6: Revo Uninstaller will automatically start program’s default un-installation method as below.


Step 7: Step through the un-installation process of your application. These steps may vary depending on the application you are uninstalling.



Step 8: Once the standard un-installation is complete, click on next button on Revo uninstaller.


Step 9: Revo uninstaller will start the scanning for leftover information.


Step 10: Revo uninstaller will come up with registry items to delete for the programs. See screen shot below.


Step 11: Click on ‘Select All’ and press next button.


Step 12: After deleting the registry entry it will scan for leftover files and folder.


Step13: Click on Select all option and press ‘Delete button’ to delete all un-wanted files and folders.


Step14: Revo Uninstaller will delete the unwanted files and folders. If any files are still remaining they will be deleted when your computer restarts.


Step 15: Click the Finish button.


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