CES- More on the Intel App Up Store

intelappuplogoI was fortunate enough to attend the Intel Netbook meetup event yesterday afternoon, where Intel gave us a hands-on with their new Intel App Up store.

While we have already reported most of the major details, here is some more information we were able to squeeze out of Intel:

  • The look and feel of the store is very similar to the app stores we are used to already.  They have the Most Popular, Staff Recommended, and the usual Categories (Games, Productivity, etc, etc).
  • You will need to sign up and get an account.  It will ask for a credit card for payment purposes.
  • You will be able to rate the applications and provide feedback to the developers, as well as provide feedback to Intel on the store.
  • Intel is working on adding a social networking aspect to the store soon.
  • The developers have only had about 30 days to get some applications available, so there are not as many as you would like, but they are coming in fast.
  • The application approval process isnt like the nightmares we have been hearing about with Apple.  Its a simple code of conduct per se on what the app may and may not do (no spam, no malware, no inappropriate content).  The process is pretty quick so developers can starting making money fast.
  • The developers set the price on their applications.
  • The OEMs that have signed on are enthusiastic about the project.

When I spoke with one of the Intel representatives, we both agreed that aside from this being ideal for consumers, it also has a great benefit for business customers as well.  They can use the store as a way to distribute some of their applications instead of having to build corporate images.  Just have the users install some of the apps they need.  With it being point, click, download and install– its user simple.  They already do this with their iPhones, etc..why not a netbook?

The site is up and ready for consumers to download the Intel App Client.


I wanted to try this out, but I am running a Mac.  So, for fun, I downloaded the Intel App Client on my Windows XP virtual machine.  I wanted to see what would happen.  I was able to download and install the client.  But, when I went to try and run the application, it told me it encountered an error and try again later.  It doesnt like virtual sessions right now. Its not even supported by Intel, but I had to give it a try.

So, this just means I need to borrow my fiancee’s netbook and go from there…or get one of my own..or both.  Sounds good to me!

As I said before, I cant wait to see how this takes off for consumers and Intel alike.

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