Hands On With Toshiba Satellite L700 & C600 Budget Notebooks (Video)

If you are looking for low priced notebook without too many sacrifices, you should check out the new Toshiba Satellite L700 and C600 notebooks which are aimed at the average home user and come with an easy to swallow $379 starting price.

The Toshiba Satellite L700 and C600 notebooks come in a variety of sizes and prices designed to meet the varied needs of home users that want a basic computer for $500 or less. While we don’t have the absolute specs for the entry level models it looks like Toshiba will be delivering budget notebooks with a good choice of processors. Typically low end notebooks skimp in the processor choice, which impacts performance for the life of the notebook.

Toshiba Satellite L700 & C600 Quick Specs

The Toshiba Satellite L700 notebooks will feature the latest 2nd Gen Intel Core i family of processors as well as a new AMD A4 Dual Core and A6 Quad Core AMD Fusion A series processors. The Intel Core i family of processors come with a capable Intel integrated GPU and the AMD Fusion A Series comes with a more powerful AMD Radeon 6000 series GPU for better 3D Graphics performance.

The Satellite C600 notebooks are powered with the AMD Fusion C-50 and AMD Fusion E-350 processor choices which were announced back at CES in January. The E-350 dual core processor is more than capable for many home users based on our testing of similar systems. The C 50 processor will do, but it is a single core CPU, which means less power. If you can afford to bump up to the E-350 when you purchase one of these systems you won’t regret it.

Toshiba Satellite L700 Hands On Video

Toshiba Satellite L700 & C600 Features

The Toshiba Satellite L700 is a plastic cased notebook with a glossy Fusion finish covering the lids of all four models. The Satellite C600 notebooks also have a plastic finish with a Trax Charcoal finish.

The L700 models will support Sleep & Charge, allowing you to charge up a phone or gadget while the notebook is asleep. Select models will come with a Blu-Ray drive and HDMI port.

The Toshiba Satellite C600 models will be pretty sparse on the extras, but basic users will have a plentiful 4GB of RAM, WiFi and a DVD burner to meet their needs.

Toshiba Satellite L700 & C600 Models

The following base models will be available at launch in a number of sizes. The actual retail models you find in store will be slightly different, reflecting a unique model for that store.

  • Toshiba Satellite L735 – 13.3″
  • Toshiba Satellite L745 – 14″
  • Toshiba Satellite L755 – 15.6″
  • Toshiba Satellite L775 – 17.3″
  • Toshiba Satellite C600 – 15.6″
  • Toshiba Satellite C600 – 17.3″ (final model numbers not released)

Toshiba Satellite C600 Hands On Video

Toshiba Satellite L700 & C600 Pricing and Availability

The Toshiba Satellite L700 and C600 notebooks will be available later this month from a variety of retailers and from Toshiba.

The Toshiba L735 will start at $499, L745 at $449, L755 at $483 and the L775 at $579.

The Toshiba C600 notebooks will start at $379.

Toshiba Satellite L700 & C600 Gallery



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