Six New Intel Netbook CPUs for 2010, Battery Life Increase for 2011

According to a leaked Intel roadmap that Engadget got its hands on, there will be some improvements for Intel based notebooks coming in the next year.

First up will be six new CPUs this year.

There will be three new Intel processors for performance notebooks. There will be of Intel Core i5 processors, including the Intel Core i5 580M (2.66GHz, with 3.33GHz Turbo) and the Core i5 560M (2.66GHz, 3.2GHz Turbo) and Core i7 640M (Turbo to 3.46GHz).

Three other Intel CPUs debuting this year are for notebooks designed to last for extended periods of time on a single charge. There are two 15 watt CULV chips including the Core i7 680UM (1.46GHz stock, 2.53GHz Turbo) and the Core i5 560UM (1.33GHz stock, 2.13GHz Turbo). The final chip leaked in the road map is the 25W Core i7 660LM (2.25GHz).

The leaked roadmap also mentioned a commitment for Intel-powered notebooks to be efficient enough to play a couple of Blu-ray disc movies on a single charge by next year. The power savings will come from a feature called HD Read Ahead. Another power saving feature called Zero Power Optical Disc Drive will provide further power savings.

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