Intel Announces Fight Against Hourglass Syndrome

Hourglass Syndrome. This horrible syndrome is often only spoken of under our breath, in four letter words; but Intel is taking a stand and helping us address this scourge before it claims another victim.

Hourglass Syndrome commonly affects users of older computers, who despite the desire to work quickly, find themselves constantly staring at an hourglass while the processor grinds on and on. This horrible problem isn’t new, but it has been exasperated by the reduced IT budgets at home and at many companies.

Just how much does it affect sufferers? A Harris Interactive poll found that sufferers spend 13 minutes a day just waiting for their computer to catch up which equals 3 days of waiting and lost productivity per year!

If you think you may be affected you should watch the public service announcement below and take the Hourglass Syndrome quiz on Facebook to find out for certain.

If you are experiencing the any of these symptoms and see a beachball instead of an hourglass, it’s possible that you are suffering from the similar but rarer BS; or Beachball Syndrome that has been known to afflict slow to upgrade mac users.

Of course Intel’s solution is to pick up a new notebook with an Intel Core processor, and it will give you a boost; but you can also try adding new RAM to your notebook, removing unwanted programs from startup and extend the life of your current notebook. While you’re at it, why not try to spruce up your notebook’s exterior with these simple steps.