Sneaky Ultrabook Test Shows Off Intel Ivy Bridge Performance

Intel has been quiet about the next Intel Core i family of processors, known as Ivy Bridge internally. At CES 2012 there were a number of notebooks using the new processor, but PR reps weren’t able to share much about the new processors.

While Intel is still hammering out the details of these new 3rd generation Intel Core i family of chips, was able to run a sneaky performance test on the Acer Aspire A5 at CES 2012, and has posted the results of rhte benchmarking.

We saw the Acer Aspire S5, and you can check out the hands on video here, but we weren’t able to run any benchmarks.

Ivy Bridge Benchmark

The Acer Aspire S5 has an Ivy Bridge processor and Intel 4000HD graphics, which delivers an improved graphics experience. In the 3D graphics test which you can see below, the S5 was able to deliver 12.17 FPS, which is better than the 8.36 FPS that Ultrabooknews was able to achieve on the current generation of Ultrabooks.

The good news is that these results will likely be better when the Ivy Bridge processor comes out in the middle of 2012. The demo units shown at CES 2012 did not likely include final hardware and software, or optimizations which will provide better performance.

The CPU benchmark delivered by Cinebench was 2.38, an improvement of Ultrabooknews’ 2.11 result on second generation Intel Core i processors.

You can watch the Cinebench 3D benchmark in the video below.

We’re looking forward to the next crop of Ultrabooks using the new Intel Core i 3rd generation processor. Intel showed off a gaming demo at CES 2012, to highlight the abilities of the new processors, which you can see below for a more visual representation.