Intel Intros Low Cost SSD w/ Contest

For most netbook users the performance of SSD drives that are included by default fall short of the excitement that higher priced SSD drives bring to the market. Additionally, there is a growing demand for dual drive desktops which run applications and the OS off of an SSD drive and store files on a traditional hard drive. To meet this demand, Intel has announced the arrival of a 40GB SATA SSD for just $125.


Granted that price is reserved for purchases of 1,000 or more units, but Newegg already has a 40 GB Intel SSD for $124.95 so consumers are already winning. Users reviews are reporting incredibly fast boot times with Windows 7.

To celebrate the launch of their cheap SSD drives Intel is giving away a Paris vacation and a HP Mini netbook with Intel SSD to the grand prize winner and a Intel SSD equipped HP Mini without Paris vacation to the first place winner. The contest runs until April 26th and you can enter once per day. Good Luck!