CES: Modern Warfare 2 on the Alienware M11X

I was skeptical when a Dell rep told me that the Alienware M11X could play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 at 30 frames per second in HD. During the press conference they had demo reels of video games playing on the M11X, but they didn’t show any live game play. I got my hands on an Alienware M11X that was loaded with Modern Warfare 2 and played through the first level.  The graphics looked great and it’s the best gaming experience I’ve had on a truly mobile computer.

The resolution was set to 1280 x 720, with anti-aliasing turned off. All other effects were turned on. No, you wont get the same performance on the M11X as you will on the M17X. but it’s perfectly playable.

Rather than trying to make the M17X as tiny as possible, Dell kept a lot of the features found in the M15X and M17X. The speakers are very loud, which was a nice surprise. The lighting effects are similarto the larger Alienware notebooks. users can change the appearance of their M11X notebooks by choosing what colors glow behind the keyboard and speaker grills.

The Alienware M11X is something you should consider adding to your shopping list if you’re a gamer looking for a good secondary gaming computer.

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