Lenovo Edge First Impression On The Road

Lenovo has lent us a new Lenovo Edge 13″ notebook, for review. The Edge is a new series from Lenovo aimed at small business professionals who are on the go and in order to give it a fair shake I will be taking it with me to CES to see how it handles on the road. In fact, I am working on it in the terminal right now.

Before I left for the airport I’ve worked the 13″ notebook into my daily routine; using it to blog and to prepare a syllabus for my upcoming class on e-commerce so that I could get used to it and tweak anything that didn’t fit my workflow.


So far, I have been pretty pleased with the Lenovo Edge. My biggest gripes where with the keyboard; but I have been able to solve them all with built in changes and SharpKeys which let me swap the Delete and End keys. I was able to change swap the function and ctrl keys in the Edge’s Bios which was a major help and I am pretty impressed that Lenovo offers this functionality out of the box. When I received the Edge the spacebar was a bit sticky; but after playing with it for a few minutes it is now operating as normal, and provides nice tactile feedback and an audible click. The rest of the keys provide a similar tactile feel but thankfully, no audible click.

As far as size and weight go the Edge is compact and portable to go with me almost anywhere and I really enjoy the 13″ screen ad full size keyboard when compared to my netbook. Battery life has been good so far with 5 hours being easily achieved; I haven’t strained the machine yet but I expect that I will do so at CES this week.

One of the things about the Edge that loyal ThinkPad users will appreciate is the Thumbstick and mouse buttons that come over from the traditional ThinkPad line and accompany the multi-touch trackpad on the Edge. Personally, I wish they had discarded the extra mouse buttons for a bigger trackpad; but the existing size still works.

That’s all for now, more details after I put the Edge to the test on the road and at CES.

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