HP Connecting Your World in Berlin

HP’s announced a ton of great gear here in Berlin this week and I’ve got some great videos and photos to share. Continue reading for a few videos that show some of the highlight products announced.

My favorite product at the showcase was the Voodoo Envy 133.

Unfortunately, the software that runs Notebooks.com had a complete meltdown and went off line Tuesday and I was unable to blog while at the event. I have much more coming.
Having the site down for a day was extremely stressful and frustrating

Alas, Notebooks.com is finally back up thanks to Arn of MacRumors. He truly went above and beyond the call of duty to help a fellow blogger. He run what’s arguably the largest online Mac community in the world, but somehow managed to work helping Noteoboks.com into schedule and patching up the site in the middle of the night. Thank you Arn!

Please pardon the dust as we clean up further.

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