Midomi – Find That Tune by Humming to Your Computer

MidomiMidomi can track down almost any song by listening to your singing or humming and matching your voice to those of its users. Just fire up Midomi.com and sing to your notebook to get started.
The beauty of this system is you can be a horrible singer and still find what you’re looking for.

Midomi has tons of users that have recorded contemporary pop songs, so finding those is a cinch, as I expected. I hummed a few old Jazz standards and Midomi instantly found All of Me, Fly me to the Moon and What a Wonderful World.

Once you find your song you can listen to a sample of the original or listen to Midomi users’ versions. Midomi is also a social networking site that allows users to rate recordings and share them with friends.

Check out this video demo of Midomi and use the service next time you can’t name that tune.


via CrunchGear

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