Live at Apple WWDC, Steve Jobs Keynote

Apple WWDC

We’re live at WWDC in San Francisco’s Moscone Center, where Steve Jobs is expected to announce a number of new products and initiatives.

The biggest news  of the day is that developers will be able to build apps for the iPhone. The  apps will be sandboxed to keep the iPhone secure and running smoothly.

Apple will also announced a Windows version of Safari, it’s web browsing application. Jobs claims Safari will load web pages much faster than either  Firefox or Internet Explorer, within Vista or XP environments. Safari for Windows can now be downloaded here-

-The presentation is opening with a video of the PC guy from the TV commercials. He’s impersonating Steve Jobs, telling the audience that he’s quit and Apple is shutting down because MSFT has sold “10’s of dozens of copies” of Vista.

-Jobs just took the stage and is excited that there’s more than 5,000 people attending WWDC.

– Jobs says EA’s coming back to Mac in a bi way. Bing Gordon, the Co-Founder of EA just got on stage- says his CTO lives on Mac, and EA technologists are big Mac fans. They are bringing 4 of their biggest titles to OSX in July- Command and Conquer 3 , Battlefield 2142, Need for Speed Carbon and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Gordon says “The only thing better than living on a Mac is living in Hogwarts.”

John Carmack , owner and CEO of id is showing off some game technology that looks pretty interesting. It gives artists much more flexibility and improve game graphics on Macs.

Gordon says Madden 08 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 are coming to OSX in August.

Jobs is now talking OS- There are 20 Million OSX active users, with 67% on Tiger, the latest OSX release. He’s giving us a final lookat Leopard, which “will set an even higher bar,” above the competition. Jobs shows off 10 new features for Leopard.  One of the most important features is it will be 64-bit from the ground up. The new OS will cost $129.

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