iPad Not Charging

Some various outlets are reporting that there is a charging problem with the iPad. I can confirm that this problem exists with my 16GB Wi-Fi iPad that was delivered today. I have it connected to my desktop PC through a full-powered USB port and it is not charging the device. Fortunately, it ships with a pretty close to full battery so I have been able to get things going and try it out without having to wait. Below is a picture of the ‘Not Charging’ message on screen of my iPad.

Apple’s help PDF even mentions this problem and has some suggestions for charging your iPad reliably. Apparently, the solution is to buy a new MacBook:

When charging, make sure you’re using the 10W USB power adapter that came with iPad (fastest) or the USB port on a recent Mac.”

Apparently, Apple doesn’t guarantee that the iPad will charge using an older Mac or a PC. From the same help manual:

“iPad may not charge when connected to the USB port on an older Mac, a PC,


a keyboard, or to a USB hub.”

Maybe you could work on a deal with a local hamster on his wheel.



  • Neil says:

    Oh dear, another inflamatory headline to attract page hits. iPad not charging? “Apparently, the solution is to buy a new MacBook”.

    Err, no. The solution is on the very next line of your article: “When charging, make sure you’re using the 10W USB power adapter that came with iPad”.

    Problem solved, as you already knew.

    • Tony says:

      Uhh, plugged into wall with supplied adapter and cord and getting the not charging sign…as you already know.

    • aztec says:

      NOT, Apple supplied charging unit and cable were used from the start, iPad states “Not Charging” when plugged into a normal wall electrical outlet.

      Any other suggestions. Apple store had a 3 hour wait for someone to test…..sounds like a problem to me…..

      Don’t have a mac.

  • Rick says:

    Not sure how I call that a “solution”. I have a 2 year old Mac Mini and have the same issue. Not being able to charge in the same place where you sync is pretty lame.

  • lawrencewinkler says:

    My experience is the same. None of the USB ports on my MacBook Pro 17″ (3 years old) charges the iPad. I supposed I can live with it — surprised, but no choice. It wouldn't have been a show stopper in any case.

  • Xavier says:

    Universal should mean Universal. There's no good reason for the iPad not to charge on any powered USB port.

  • apple says:

    You in fact INCORRECT, the Ipad owners pamphlet states you can charge using a computer with a 2.0 USB port as well as it being posted on the Apple website, there is a problem with the Ipad, I have new Dell and its not charging it either.

  • Xavier says:

    Ok, just got my iPad. Does NOT charge with my HP tablet, charges fine with my 1 year old MacBook Pro….

  • company carmichael says:

    The headline of your article is directly misleading – there's no problem with your iPad. The problem is your choice of power source. Using USB for charging devices is not always a workable solution. The iPad battery needs more juice than an iPod. Big surprise. Besides – why WOULD you charge a device external with your laptop UNLESS THE LAPTOP IS ALREADY CHARGING? Idiot. When you buy a new device, get another power strip ($3.00 at Home Depot) if there's no room for the new device's CHARGER.

  • kenny t says:

    What's wrong with using the Power Adapter to charge the iPad?

    Stop thinking that everything is an iPhone. Do you use USB to charge your netbooks or other tablets?

    Go figure.

    • But I don’t have to plug my laptop into another computer to sync. If this is a computer then it doesn’t need to be hooked up to another computer. And if it’s not then it should be able to charge with any computer it can sync to. Seriously lame comment. Only compare apples to apples

      (No pun intended).

      • PT says:

        @Annoyed iPad owner: The speed of charging depends on how much current the USB connection provides. Normal charging requires 10W of power, and some USB ports do not support this level, particularly with older design (design date, not manufacturing date) or inexpensive computers. For such computers, charging from 0% may take 12 hours or more rather than the usual 5 or so, and may require the iPad to be off during the charge. In such cases, use the wall wart charger, or, yes, buy a new computer which meets the latest spec. For myself, I just use the wall charger.

  • AudraSW says:

    I have a 2 year old HP, tried both my old Apple cables and the new one that came with the iPad it always says “Not charging” however when I leave it on over night it goes from 53% to 100% – so it would appear to be an apple problem.

  • I hate douches says:

    what a douche.

  • ALain says:

    Even when the sign “not charging” is displayed in the top right corner of the iPad when connected through USB with a computer, it is still charging ! Although not as fast as with the 10 W USB charger.

  • Angel says:

    In Florida, I also have the same problem when connecting the 16G New iPad to an Intel Dual-Core Mac. When connected to a wall socket, it charges fine. Hum… a few quarks are in the mix.

  • marcelgirgis says:

    Sir, I hate to break it to you, but you're both blatantly wrong, and a moron.

    I've have my Ipad since day one now, and have ALWAYS had trouble charging mine, even from the wall. My company bought one for every employee (we create video games) and mine is not the only one with a charging problem. Something is most definitely wrong with a product that won't charge with the actual “wall charger” (a USB->outlit converter) that it came with.

    And suggesting that the author of this article is an “idiot” for thinking that the Ipad could charge via USB from laptop when the CHARGER THE IPAD CAME WITH IS SIMPLY A *USB* TO WALL CONVERTER is absolutely obscene.

    You, sir, are a fucking idiot, and I'd like to have the internet rid of the likes of you. I'll be happy to post the response from the Apple store when I report to them that 12/15 our our Company's Ipad's have charging problem.

  • erty says:

    you are a moron

  • Arcfire says:

    Yep it says it doesnt charge in my full tower but it does, just very slowly. ya know I expected better from Apple, it should be able to say charging norma or charging slowly

  • chris says:

    Mine worked fine for a week charging with USB on older computer, then said not charging (charging very slow) Managable, but disappointing

  • petitbarzun says:

    I have this problem with the IPad 64Gb on three different (recent) PCs with USB 2.0.

    To the people who commented: See the specs: http://www.apple.com/ipad/specs/
    “Charging via power adapter or USB to computer system”

    • Ronomundo says:

      Here are the exact words from Apple. They do not admit there is a charging problem but everyone I have talked to in support, who has one, says it does not charge very well on a USB from a computer and to use the wall charged, which “some” admit get slower over time.

      Battery and Power5

      Built-in 42.5-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
      Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music
      Charging via power adapter or USB to computer system

      Built-in 42.5-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
      Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music
      Up to 9 hours of surfing the web using cellular data network
      Charging via power adapter or USB to computer system

  • machead says:

    Well, for me, it is surprising and a little disappointing, that seeing as how iPad charges via USB, it doesn't… charge via USB reliably. I suppose it needs its 10W to charge the big battery in a reasonable time.

    Mine does charge, although slooooowly when plugged in to either my Powerbook (old) or the powered USB hub. Apple could make this whole kerfuffle go away if they updated the OS to show it was charging when it is in fact charging. Maybe they could have a little orange version of the battery icon or something to indicate that it was charging suboptimally, but it would solve the whole issue.

  • skyaboveman says:

    Unless you want to charge and sync at the same time. You know like most people who own a macbook.

  • skyaboveman says:

    Ok everyone. Instead of the snippy comments how about a solution. The problem is that you can not sync and charge your ipad at the same time unless you have one of the newest Macbook Pros or a Laptop, Desktop with a powerful enough USB. The screen on the Ipad is big and consume a lot of W. You can plug it into a normal USB and it will not charge while the screen is on but will slowly charge while the screen is off. You want to charge while the screen is on? Use the included adaptor. You want to charge and sync at the same time? Buy a new computer with the more powerful USB.

    I have tried to use a high power (plugged in to outlet) USB hub but to no avail.

  • guest says:

    My iPad was charging fine connected to my HP w2408h monitor's USB port – until the iPad software update. After that, it says “not charging” and I checked the USB ports, they are now set to “D0″ state all the time and I am starting to suspect the Apple USB driver is turning down the power.

  • C22sailor says:

    I have the same issue. My new 16gig Wi-Fi iPad will not charge when connected to my IBMLenovo Thinkpad T60p. I wonder if it will on the new Lenovo w500… Nope. That bites. So Apple now uses a special “standard” USB. 😛

  • C22sailor says:

    what? Did you find out any more about this?

  • DanTheManMcStan says:

    I have found a work around for most pc's (not macs because they suck), however, the software involved is not completely stable yet so use at your own risk (I would make a back-up).

    Here are some links for most of the programs made by motherboard manufacturers to help fix the problem:

    http://event.asus.com/mb/2010/AI_Charger/ (ASUS)
    http://www.msi.com/index.php?news_no=1013&func=… (MSI)
    http://www.gigabyte.com/microsite/185/on-off-ch… (GIGABYTE)
    http://www.asrock.com/feature/AppCharger/index.asp (ASROCK)

    The programs identify your device and specify how much power goes to it. Most usb ports have a standard set in the bios for providing power which is maxed at 2.5watts/500Ma per port, while in actuality most usb 2.0 ports can generate as much as 8watts/1.6Ammps. The programs made by the motherboard manufacturers externally alter the BIOS to allow power above the standard to be sent to specific ports (like the one your Ipad is hooked up to). That being said, it alters your BIOS so BACK THAT COMPUTER UP! (no, not that ass.)

    I personally have only used the Asus fix (ASUS Ai Charger)and have had no problems on any of my computers:
    Dell Precision M6500 mobile workstation,
    Dell Optiplex (both 740 and 760),
    And an Asus p5n-e sli motherboard based system

    I have seen rumors about BSODs and Ipods not syncing correctly, so be careful.

    Best of luck

  • iPad 3G not charging says:

    HELP!!! Mine doesn't even charge with the Apple Adapter!!! :((

  • ipod woes says:

    My ipad won’t charge anywhere. Powered USB, plugged in via the power adapter that came with the unit, nothing works. Other issues. My computer does not recognize the unit is connected (nor does the ipad itself). ipad has finally acknowledged it was connected to a power outlet, only to inform me that it was not charging. “Thanks for the info ipad, now whats the problem with charging the battery while you’re at it?”

  • I have hardly ever appeared at it like that, but you may have introduced to head some things I’ve certainly not deemed inside the past. I am aware this was not an exceptionally critical topic, but I do recognize what you said. I will be reading your weblog far more generally.

  • Alonzo says:

    That is indeed rediculious. I think iPad soon will come up with new charger and we all gonna buy it :)

    And it is gonna cost 45$.

    That is marketing )

  • shihab says:

    Hi there

    I plugged my powered USB that came with I pad and started to charge when the battery was gone off completely. While under charge there is no sign of light or something while charging and the scree is totally dark blank. Is this normal? or there is a batterry problem .

  • TheMacTool says:

    Greetings iPad lovers and Apple haters!

    First off USB is a specification not a hard and fast rule that all manufacturers abide by. The 1.1 spec had a pitifully low transfer rate for data as well as the voltage supplied to USB devices. It was originally designed for pointing devices and externally powered devices like printers and external hard drives, cd roms, etc. The 2.0 spec brought higher speeds as well as voltage. Not all manufacturers include USB 2.0 ports on their hardware. You’re not going to get a fast charge for an iPad on a USB 1.1 port.

    Secondly, in the effort to make computers “more green”, OS developers (including Apple and Microsoft) put power throttling instructions in the OS. This includes active USB ports. Rather than having a full power USB port on all the time for a sleeping printer, the port will go into a low power mode. This is much better than the earlier USB subroutines in Windows where if a printer went to sleep, the USB port dropped the connection completely and you had to reboot or unplug the USB cable and plug it back in.

    Third, the iPad is not a laptop nor is it an iPhone. It consumes much more power than an iPhone and much less than a laptop. Laptops, BTW, are lousy for powering USB devices. The built in power hardware simply is not designed to support higher powered USB devices. Otherwise, there would be burn holes in a lot of khakis.

    Lastly, the USB 2.0 power spec is 5 V at 500 milliamps max. That means the maximum wattage output is 2.5 Watts. Much less than the 10 Watt power adapter the iPad ships with. The iPad, rather than stressing circuits being under powered, cycles back it’s charge rate.

    Also to @shihab, yes. This is normal for iPads and iPhones that have completely lost their charge. (Although it’s not totally drained) It’s a defense mechanism against completely being discharged and loosing data from a sudden surge of electricity. Once there is enough charge to power the device and keep charging, your iPad and/or iPhone will spring back to life.

    In addition to administering 4000 computers (mostly Dell and HP) at work, I own several Macs (iMacs, Mac Minis, Mac Pros) as well as several Windows based machines (Dell, Asus, Gateway, and Fry’s specials). The USB wattage on all the Windows machines vary and even from port to port on the machines. It’s all about the manufacturer.


    The Mac Tool

    • aztec says:

      Mac Tool,
      Expain why my apple supplied charger and charging cord, plugged into a normal house electical box, still indicates “Not Charging” in the iPad battery window in the upper right hand corner of screen.

      Any corrective actions would be appreciated…

  • moon says:

    i just buy my ipad 2 2wee ago then right now is not chang baterly ”’ So what i shound do ?

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