iPad Not Charging

Some various outlets are reporting that there is a charging problem with the iPad. I can confirm that this problem exists with my 16GB Wi-Fi iPad that was delivered today. I have it connected to my desktop PC through a full-powered USB port and it is not charging the device. Fortunately, it ships with a pretty close to full battery so I have been able to get things going and try it out without having to wait. Below is a picture of the ‘Not Charging’ message on screen of my iPad.

Apple’s help PDF even mentions this problem and has some suggestions for charging your iPad reliably. Apparently, the solution is to buy a new MacBook:

When charging, make sure you’re using the 10W USB power adapter that came with iPad (fastest) or the USB port on a recent Mac.”

Apparently, Apple doesn’t guarantee that the iPad will charge using an older Mac or a PC. From the same help manual:

“iPad may not charge when connected to the USB port on an older Mac, a PC,

a keyboard, or to a USB hub.”

Maybe you could work on a deal with a local hamster on his wheel.


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