Test FaceTime by Calling Apple at 1-888-FACETIME

FaceTime, a feature found on Apple’s famed iPhone 4, allows video calls to be placed by two iPhone 4 users over WiFi. But, how do you test it if you were lucky enough to get ahold of the iPhone 4 and your friends did not? Worry no more, as you can test it with an Apple employee right now.

Currently, FaceTime only works between two iPhone 4s, operating over WiFi. While this is an awesome feature, the amount of people you can video call is very limited. It is projected that due to the “open” nature of FaceTime, iPhone 4 users will soon be able to video call people who are on Skype or other platforms. Until then, if you are just dying to test out the new feature, but don’t know anyone else who has an iPhone 4, you can call an Apple employee.

This is more than just a social inquiry. The knowledgeable Apple employee on the other end will instruct you on how to use FaceTime, as well as reveal advanced tips, to ensure you get the most out of your FaceTime experience.

How do you do it? First, confirm that you are getting a WiFi signal, as FaceTime does not work over 3G. Then, dial 1-888-FACETIME.

Pretty cut and dry if you ask me. This unique service is available between 8:00am-8:00pm CDT. So go ahead and try it out! Who knows, maybe there will be a certain CEO sporting the classic black turtleneck on the other end.

Demo of FaceTime

Via Mobiture

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