How to Use Your iPod Touch Like an iPhone

The latest iPod  Touch is more like the iPhone than any previous generation with the camera and the retina display. Steve Jobs even hinted that the device is ph...

Review of the Skype Everyman Headset

EverymantinySkype is a great way to stay in touch with people without maxing out your cell phone bill every month. Thanks to the inclusion of a webcam and microphone on almost every notebook sold these days getting started with Skype is but a download away. Still if you're going to use Skype every day or to chat with co-workers like we do at you'll want to invest in a headset to provide a better chatting experience.

Macworld 2009: Skype Updates & Partnership (Video)

One of my favorite chat and VoIP services Skype announced their new release for the Mac. The Skype 2.8 beta should be available by the time this article is posted and features a couple significant upgrades. Watch the video for more.