Purchased a Mac Recently? Find Out How To Upgrade to OS X Lion for Free!

OS X Lion iconOS X Lion is finally here with many new features and a fresh new OS X experience. The new version of OS X is available in the Mac App store for $29.99, but if you purchased a Mac since June 6th, 2011 you can get a free upgrade to OS X by submitting some purchase information to Apple.

The OS X Lion Up-To-Date program is easy the official name of the Free OS X Lion upgrade program. If you purchased a qualifying system, essentially any MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac Mini or iMac since June 6th you can fill out an online form to get the latest Apple OS.

To participate in the OS X Lion update program you will need to know the following;

  • System Type
  • Date of Purchase
  • Serial Number
  • Place of Purchase (Name, City and State)

The offer is good for systems purchased at Apple Stores, the Online Apple Store, or Authorized Apple Resellers  including Campus stores.

This deal is designed mainly for Apple purchases made before Lion was released, but if you have purchased a Mac without Lion after July 21st, you can get an upgrade for free as well. You just need to complete a different form.

Both of these free OS X Lion upgrade offers are also compatible with Apple Certified Refurbished systems, like the $749 MacBook Air 11.6 October 2010 model, which is on sale at the online Apple Refurb Store right now.

After filling out the appropriate form you will get a code to use in the Mac App Store to download OS X Lion. Learn what you need to do to be ready to download in our OS X Lion preparation post.

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