Tutor for iMovie 11 Teaches you How to Use iMovie for $5

Our Mac App Store Highlight is a simple tutorial app for iMovie ’11 called Tutor for iMovie. It comes from Noteboomproductions.com and gives some good basic learning videos about a specific application. This app is about iMovie ’11 which is part of the recently updated iLife suite of production applications from Apple.

iMovie is a simple video editing tool. Even with simple applications there can be a lot to learn. Tutor for iMovie does a good job of explaining the basics of the application. Later videos go more in depth to help the user understand the great features in iMovie.

The person showing off the features is easy to listen to and seems have a good grasp of the application’s functions. He speaks clearly and makes it easy to understand.

There isn’t much to the application itself. The videos are listed along the left with the video itself playing in the window on the right. You can do all you would expect to do in a video playing application – pause, play, advance, click to position the time stamp, and even go full screen. It is great to have it open on an external display while having the application showing on the notebook’s monitor or the main monitor of a dual-display desktop system.

The tutorial videos included in this app are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Sample Movie built with iMovie ’11
  • Sample Movie Up Close
  • Interface
  • Projects
  • Events
  • Adding Music and Sound Effects
  • Adding Photos
  • Creating Titles
  • Working with Transitions
  • Working with Maps
  • Importing your Movies
  • Swapping Events and Projects
  • Themes
  • Adding Clips to your Project
  • Advanced Tools
  • Clip Trimmer
  • Precision Editing
  • Using the Ken Burns Effect
  • Favoring and Rejecting Clips
  • Stabilizing your Clips
  • Using Keywords
  • Audio Options
  • Audio Ducking
  • Video Effects
  • Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation
  • Special Effects
  • Picture in Picture and Side by Side
  • Analyzing People and Storyboarding
  • Trailers
  • Beat Markers and Snap to Beats
  • Sharing and using the Media Browser
  • Saving Space with Spacesaver
  • Consolidate your Media
  • Make a Movie in less than 5 minutes!
  • Conclusion

Here is our video demo of the app:

Noteboom Productions makes a number of these apps, all costing $4.99. I’ve been using the one for Keynote ’09 and for iPhone ’11. There is also one for the iPad version of Keynote, The others include:

  • Tutor for Bento
  • Tutor for droo-puhl 6
  • Tutor for iPad: getting started
  • Tutor for iMovie 11 iPad Version
  • Tutor for Bento Database
  • Tutor for Numbers
  • Tutor for Pages
  • Tutor for iMovie iPhone/iPod Touch edition

Highlights of Tutor for iMovie

  • Simple to use
  • Good tutorial videos
  • Easy to understand
  • Inexpensive

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