Notebooks in da BlogHaus!

BlogHaus MacBooksLast night I headed over to the BlogHaus (a suite at the Bellagio hotel that’s set up with everything a blogger could possibly need to blog to the wee hours of the morning) and snapped this picture of a bunch of bloggers unanimously working on MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

BlogHaus MacBooks

Earlier in the night, there were a couple of guys from Microsoft using Sony VAIO SZ’s and the guys from were using a ThinkPad and a pair of OQO handhelds.

I posted earlier about the prominence of MacBooks and MacBook Pros in the blogger and press rooms here at CES 2008. There are A LOT more people using Apple products at CES compared to last year.

The BlogHaus is organized by and sponsored by Seagate. They gave me a Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini hard drive. It has a metallic case and it feels very solid, unlike external drives with plastic cases.

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