Verizon iPhone 4 Also Suffers from Antenna Problems

iLounge tested the new iPhone 4 from Verizon and has found  that the latest iPhone 4 suffers antenna problems when held as one would normally hold a phone while talking on it or using the Internet in portrait mode. The demonstration shows that while holding with the famous “death grip” Internet pages loaded much slower.

There were reports that the problem was solved with this slightly different design for Verizon’s network. Apple moved the notches on the left side of the antennas from the lower part of the band to the upper part. In widescreen mode the hands will touch the new antenna and cause problems. But that is not a normal way of holding the phone. To make the phone’s antenna diminish in reception, one only needs to hold it in the natural one handed way in portrait mode. As the video demonstrates, a case solves the problem, just as it does with the AT&T model. And one must hold the iPhone firmly to get it to have diminished signal strength. What was previously stated as a solved problem, is still present. Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal claimed this was no longer an issue. But he also failed to reveal the original iPhone 4’s antenna problem as well, until after others discovered it.

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