iWork 11 Coming in Early ’11 with Mac App Store

The update to Apple’s productivity suite, iWork 11, will likely be shipping when the company introduces their upcoming Mac App Store, according to Apple Insider (via MacRumors).

People familiar with the matter say development of iWork ’11 wrapped up this fall and the software was initially slated for an introduction alongside iLife ’11 last month, but was held back at the last minute for undisclosed reasons.

This may have been an inducement for users to use the app store. Their source did not tell them if iWork 11 would come in retail packaging or just through the Mac app store.

iWork contains the three productivity apps for the Mac that correspond with such competitors as Microsoft Office, which has just been updated to version 2011 for the Mac. iWork includes Pages, a word processor and desktop publisher, Numbers, their spreadsheet app, and KeyNote, the presentation tool.

Currently the suite sells for $79 new or $49 as an add-on when purchased with a new computer from Apple. There is a possibility that they could sell separately in the app store for $19.99 each along with individual iLife 11 apps, according to Apple Insider.

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