How to Use Your MacBook as a Desktop

While there will always be customers who need the sort of power that only a workstation or gaming PC can provide, most of us are content with our laptops and Ma...

Summer Travel Tech: Accessories

This summer we have been offering some opinions on Summer Time Travel Tech, giving you pointers on what gadgets might help as you take a trip. So far we've shar...

Review: B-Flex 2 Hi-Fi Stereo USB Speaker for Laptops

Have you ever used your laptop as a portable media player or hooked it up to a projector for a presentation at the office? If you have, chances are you also strained your ears to listen to the weak sound trickling out from the underpowered speakers. Want an affordable and portable solution? Then try the B-Flex 2 USB speakers from Jlabs.
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Review: iHome iHM77 "Capsule Speakers"

The tiny iHome iHM77 Capsule portable speakers blew away my expectations the minute I plugged them in to my iPhone. The speakers can fit in your pocket, but are louder than any internal notebook speaker I've heard and deliver more sound per ounce than any portable speaker I know of.
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Review: Logitech V20 Speakers

V20 LogitechBuilt-in speakers are generally lousy, making headphones or external speakers a necessity to really enjoy your notebook's multimedia features. Most speaker sets require an AC adapter, but Logitech's V20 notebook speakers draw juice via USB, which makes them completely portable.