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Bad News: More Colleges Banning Laptops

In a change from the time when colleges vied to be the most wired campus and recently the most wireless campus in the nation, professors and colleges are kickin...
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College Student? Get Microsoft Office 2007 for $60!

Its pretty much inevitable that you’ll be needing word processing tools in college. While there are several great – free – alternative out there, Microsoft Office is pretty much staple in the word processing world and most people are familiar with it. With that said, read on to find out how to nab your copy of Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for just $60.

Three Types of Notebooks That are Great for Students

macbook_pro_13One of the busiest (and best) times to buy a laptop is during the back to school season. For the average user, prices are as good as they’ll get until Black Friday and there are plenty of fresh models available. This year, the hard part about buying a laptop for back to school won’t be finding a good deal it will be finding the right computer for you.