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CES: Quick Video on Trends I’m Seeing

I chatted with Greta Shlender from HP about what I'm seeing at CES 2010 on the first day of the show floor being open. By that time I'd been in Vegas for three ...
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Apple Airport Express Goes Long

Today I received a message on Twitter from Harry McCracken of Technologizer on Twitter asking if I was staying at Harrah's Hotel during CES 2010. He assumed I w...

Test iphone wp post

This is test blog post from my iPhone. Getting ready for CES 2009 and still figuring out which devices to carry. ...
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Ravi Sood of VooDooPC at CES 2008

Ravi SoodI caught up with Ravi Sood, of HP's gaming division. Ravi's brother founded VooDooPC in 1991 to make performance PCs and sold the company in late 2006 to HP.
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Live from CES 2008

I'm going t be blogging live from CES 2008 in Las Vegas starting today through next Thursday. I'll be writing as much as possible and posting video demos day and night. I'll also be running a live stream at www.notebooks.com/live. We'll chat with tech executives, product managers and other bloggers throughout the week.