Sony Slide Leaks MacBook Air Competitor and Sliding Vaio PC

Sony just announced two new tablets, but now a leaked slide indicates that Sony has some interesting plans in line for the VAIO line including an Ultra Mobile PC and a VAIO Slider which could arrive in October.

Sony VAIO Hybrid PC

The Sony VAIO “Ultimate Mobile PC” could be the rumored Sony VAIO Hybrid Notebook which is rumored to include a fast Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge processor and Thunderbolt connectivity. The rumored VAIO Hybrid Notebook is said to connect to an external dock via Thunderbolt to connect an external AMD GPU and a Blu-Ray Drive.

If this Hybrid VAIO Comes to market it will be competing with the MacBook Air, likely in a more powerful Core i5 and Core i7 model, as well as the Samsung 9 Series.

Sony VAIO Hybrid Slider

The Sony VAIO Slider looks like it will directly compete with the Samsung 7 Slider as a Windows 7 tablet and may also draw the attention of Eee Pad Transformer fans. This sliding notebook is rumored to have a 9.4″ display and run on the Intel Atom Pine Trail CPU. Rumors point to a $800 pricepoint and an October launch. This device looks like it will compete with the Samsung 7 Slider. If rumors are true, the Freestyle Hybrid PC will run Windows 7.

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