Sony courts women with two limited Pink Vaios laptops

sonypink<rant>  Ok, will someone please tell me who put the idea in marketing people’s head that if they create a pink version of ANY product line, its immediately “for women”?  And if its pink and sparkly?  OMG, its as good as gold.  Pink is so girly. Pink is cheerful and fun. Pink is THE feminine go to color for every vendor under the sun.

I blame the media for this stereotype.  I blame celebrities like Paris Hilton (damn pink sparkly phone she always is using.)  I even blame the “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” theme we all have when we are newborns.

I do recall one time taking a customer support call and was asked, by the woman on the other end of the phone, what color computers came in because she needed it to match her living room.  This is the exception folks, not the rule

Personally, I don’t like pink very much.  Is pink a more feminine color? Yes, that was never in question.  But, I know plenty of women who want a product because of what it can do, what its functionality is…not what color it is.  Its nice if a product is pleasant to look at, but in most cases function will follow form…especially if its a technical product, like a laptop. </rant>

Sony is releasing two new limited edition Sony Vaio laptops for its Signature Spring 2010 collection. The first is the Brilliant Pink CW laptop, the second is the Pink P Series Lifestyle PC. Every VAIO Signature Notebook is a limited edition, meaning they will be available for a limited time only.. The VAIO Signature collection CW notebooks start at $839.99 and the Pink P Lifestyle PC starts at $999.99.

Thanks ChipChick for the 411 on this.  Meanwhile, I am going back to use my black and silver iPod.

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