Sony VAIO YA 11.6″ Intel Powered UltraPortable Arrives in Italy

The Sony VAIO Y series just launched in the US with the latest AMD Fusion processors, but now the Y series has gone global and gained support for an INtel processor option in Italy.

Notebook Italia is reporting that the Sony VAIO YA is essentially the same notebook as the Sony VAIO YB sold here, but instead of a Fusion processor it has an Intel Core i3 processor or if you’re feeling the need for power a Core i5 option. These are not the new Sandy Bridge processors.

Additional specs include 2GB RAM, 320GB storage and a standard 6 hour battery life. The RAM can handle up to 8GB and a longer life 12 hour battery is said to be on the way. The 11.6″ display has a 1366×768 resolution which is a nice fit for a screen this size. The mini notebook will run Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional.

The VAIO YA will run at 649 Euros which is roughly $890 USD, but if Sony decides to bring this mini notebook to the states the price will likely be much more affordable.

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