Dell Latitude E6520, E6420, E5520 and E5420 Available For Purchase

Dell has announced the availability of several new Latitude business notebooks including the Latitude E6520, E6420, E5520 and E5420 which were shown off in early February at the Dell Means Business Event.

Dell-Latitude-E-Family Notebooks

Dell Latitude E Family Specs:

The Dell Latitude E6520, E6420, E5520 and E5420 use the newest Intel 2nd Generation Core i processor options with new integrate HD 3000 graphics which deliver a better user experience than with previous integrated graphics solutions from Intel. The Latitude E6520 and E6420 can be configured with up to a Quad Core 2nd generation Core i processor. Each of these notebooks can handle up to 8GB of RAM and numerous hard drive and SSD options. The notebooks come with either a 15.6″ or 14″ antiglare display.

Dell Latitude E Family Durability:

The new Latitude line of business notebooks come with numerous improvements to the Latitude family. Most notable are the over 100 improvements made to make the notebooks more durable. Some of these durability enhancements include a solid metal frame, a screen seal to cushion the screen panel, tighter keycaps, wbetter LCD rigidity and a stronger base. Additionally, the hard drives on these units have freefall sensors to protect against damage from a fall.

Dell Latitude E Family Security:

All of these Dell Latitude notebooks come with security options including a fingerprint reader and the option to include a contactless smart card reader. They also use Dell Data Protection and ControlVault which can lock down USB ports.

Dell Latitude E Family Ports

In addition, the Latitude E notebooks also have a new magnesium finish, HDMI ports, 30% larger trackpads and a single access back for easy access by IT workers. There are also integrated antennas for WLAN (MIMO), WiMAX, WWAN, LTE to deliver maximum connectivity options.

Dell-Latitude-E5420Dell latitude E Family Sizes:

The Dell Latitude E5000 Series is a more budget friendly line of business notebooks. Click the model name for specs, images and video of each notebook.

The Dell Latitude E6000 Series is designed to handle more demanding tasks and environments. Click the model name for specs, images and video of each notebook.

All of these notebooks use the same Dock, AC adapter and internal bay modules which makes deploying them in a larger business much easier.

Dell Latitude E Series Pricing:

You can see the entire Dell Latitude Family of notebooks at and order them right now.

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