New Images of the Dell Adamo XPS Reveal Connections

When we first got a look at Dell’s 9.99mm thick concept notebook, the Adamo XPS, it was so thin and light that Xavier wondered if Dell would actually sell the concept notebook.

It looks like Dell is pushing forward on its quest to slice the competition down to the size with new images of the razor-esque looking Dell Adamo XPS leaking out which show us what ports the Adamo XPS will have.

12-dell-Adamo_XPS_open_sideClick for larger image

The first product shot we saw of the Adamo XPS appears to have been a picture of the notebook’s tiny rear end, about as thick as a Macbook Pro’s display, which is the only curviest part of the Adamo XPS.

The rest of the notebook, which Xavier estimates couldn’t weigh more than 2 pounds, looks like it could easily be used to defend yourself from any would be muggers; so long as you know how to use it.

12-dell-Adamo_XPS_closedClick for larger image

While still teasing, the new Dell Adamo XPS images do give us a little more info about the notebook. In addition to a solid state hard drive, which is the only storage that will fit in this small package, the Adamo XPS looks like it will come with the following ports.

  • 1 DisplayPort connection
  • 2 USB connections
  • Headphone connection
  • An odd shaped power connection.

Even though the Adamo XPS will be priced outside of my gadget budget it’s really exciting to see technology like this out there because it means that someday these smaller parts and batteries will make their way into cheaper gadgets that I can enjoy.

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