Folding Fujitsu LifeBook X2 Notebook Arrives From the Future [Concept]

We’ve seen super small notebooks like the Sony VAIO P before, but this new concept Fujitsu X2 aims to offer a VAIO P size, but unfold to offer more productivity and more screen real estate. The Fujitsu LifeBook X2 is just a concept right now, but offers a new take on portability and thanks to nifty folding a full mousepad.

As you can see, the LifeBook X2 concept is pretty small, but can unfold to deliver wither a super small notebook shown below, or unfold and snap into place to deliver a full size notebook experience.

lifebook x2 open

There is a small seam in the display that comes from having a dual display that snaps together, but the concept could come together nicely if Fujitsu would pursue it.

lifebook x 2 fully open

What do you think? Would you go for something that isn’t as wide as a standard notebook, if it was a bit thicker? Or do you prefer a standard ultraslim notebook design.

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