Double USB Concept Design to Solve Problems Plugging In Devices

Maybe you have experienced a problem plugging in a USB device because it was not turned the right way. A new USB Concept design, from Ma Yi Xuan on Yanko Design (via Wired), proposes a solution by making USB plugs reversible. The internal contacts are “stretchy” meaning they can move inside the metal housing so as to accommodate plugging in either way.


The internal parts of this plug allow the plug to be inserted both ways, which would alleviate the frustration of trying to get the plug into the hole. However, it will add complexity as we would now have cables that are double USB and some that are not. Also the new plug is said to be easier to break due to the moving internal part.


Will this new design be adopted? We will see. We don’t really see a great need for it as this is a minor problem. Solving it by making a less reliable plug is not the answer, but it is good to see people innovating and trying to come up with interesting new designs to improve our tech gadgets.

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