Quanta Computer Breaks Laptop Shipment Record in June

Quanta Computer, which is the largest contract laptop computer manufacturer, broke the record for highest number of shipments and revenue this past month showing that the demand for mobile computing is as high as ever. The company, based in Taiwan, makes laptops for the likes of Sony, Dell, and HP.

Quanta Computer shipped 4.8 million laptops this past month with revenue totaling NT$100.2 billion.  This was down from their previous monthly record of 4.5 million laptops shipped with NT$97 billion in total revenue.

The company attributes June’s success to the easing of some component charges. However, they “expect July to slow down a little bit from June, but [shipments] should come back in August,” according to a Quanta representative.

This record is significant due to the amount of component shortages in the past year. LCD screens, processors, and many other components have been in short supply. Companies such as Intel are finally starting to catch up to the demand for their Arrandale microprocessors, such as the Core i3 and i5 processors. These processors are popular among computer manufacturers due to their small form factor. This allows companies like Sony, Dell, and HP to create even slimmer laptops, without sacrificing much computing power.

Via PCWorld

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